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Creating your QR code

Let us tell you that the process of converting your link to a QR code is a piece of cake. It’s so easy that we can describe it in 3 easy steps!


Enter your link

Enter the link you'd like to turn into a QR code


We process it

Our systems receives your link and generates a QR code.



Once converted, we turn it into an image for you to easily download and use anywhere else.


File conversion, simplified

50+ formats supported

Our file converter can handle almost anything you throw at it. Convert everything from audios, images, videos, documents, and more!

No hidden fees

Paying per file converted? No, we don’t do that here. Upload and convert an unlimited amount of files—we won’t charge you a single cent.

Everything automatic

No one has to do anything to complete the conversion. You upload the files, and download them ones our automated systems have converted them.

Your files are safe

We make sure your files are safe from any malicious interference from step 1 to the deletion at step 3. Learn more about how we handle your files in our Privacy Policy.

Done in seconds

We always try to find ways to optimize our automated systems to make the process of converting files as fast as possible so we can deliver them to you quicker.

Real support

Unsure what format works best or running into bugs? Our support team are real people and will do their best to solve any questions or issues you’re encountering.


Who is converting.to?

We are a small team of 3 based out of the United Kingdom, all carrying a huge passion for technology and especially creating awesome products online to be experienced by people all over the world.

converting.to has been running since 2020 and has so far expanded with over 40+ new file formats since our first release.

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