File Converter is an online file converter available to the public for completely free! We support the most known file types and are open to a list of suggestions. To get started simply upload your file & select what you'd like it converted to!

Conversion formats supported

+50 Formats Supported is one of the most flexible conversion tools with over 50 of the most popular formats. Our tool offers various formats across audio, video, image, document and even presentation files accessible to you!

Free file conversions

Completely Free

The best thing about our tool is that it is completely free of charge meaning absolutely no time in the future will you be expected to pay for our services regardless of the amount of files you plan on having converted.

Automatic conversions

Automatic Conversions

Nobody wants to wait ages to get their file converted into the correct format which is why our service is entirely automatic, therefore saving you both the time and patience compared to any competitor around.

File security

Data Security

Data Security is something the team prioritises over any other factor within the site. We expect our customers to trust our services and therefore under no circumstance will sell any information or data collected to third party services. If you are interested in how your data will be used you may read our Privacy Policy

High-quality file converter

High-Quality Conversions

Our service has hired some of the top quality developers to ensure all file conversions are absolutely top notch in quality. Certain formats may lower the quality due to file compression, if you are unsure which format is best for your project feel free to contact us using our support email; [email protected], and we'll reply as soon as possible.

Matty - Company Director

" is a project that was created due to personal experience with file conversion websites. The services I have used in the past are either too slow, have a little variation of conversion formats, or are paid services. This tool was created to eliminate all issues with competitor websites."

Jane - University Student

"This is potentially one of the most useful tools I have used as of recent time. With this website, I am able to convert my files without having to use paid software to do so - all in the click of a button. This tool has saved me plenty of time, which is something I have very little of as a university student."

Andrew - Entrepreneur

"This website is a blessing in disguise. The amount of times I have hired a freelancer to complete a job and the result was sent in a unusable format is crazy. With I am able to instantly convert the files into high quality formats with very little change to the file size itself. It's a no brainer in my eyes."